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Head to Tail Pasture Raised Chicken for Dogs

Head to Tail Pasture Raised Chicken for Dogs

8 oz of Pasture Raised chicken, liver, kidney and carrot

Raw Ground Pasture Raised Chicken Dog Food

Nutritionally complete frozen raw ground chicken for dogs is a great way to give your furry family member the balanced diet they deserve. Your dog was genetically designed to digest animal protein in its raw form. From their durable teeth and tough jaw to unique digestive enzymes, your dog is built for a raw diet.

Our complete and balanced raw chicken dog food recipe isn't your average ground chicken from the supermarket. It's a single-protein nutritious recipe your dog will love. Our Raw chicken food for dogs ingredients include the correct ratio of:

Muscle meat

Organ meat

Finely ground bone

Raw Pasture Raised Ground Chicken for Dogs Benefits

Our nourishing chicken ground food for dogs is a great way to get your pup excited for mealtime while providing them with a complete and balanced diet.

Great source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B12

No carbohydrates or sugar

Plenty of protein to support an active lifestyle

Helps nourish a healthy, shiny coat and skin

Naturally hydrating and packed full of nutrients

Raw chicken for dogs can be easily thawed overnight and portioned for your pet depending on his or her body weight and activity level. Or, keep your frozen raw chicken in your freezer for when you need them.

What about dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies? With raw chicken dog food, you're feeding food in its most digestible state. Cooked chicken loses many of its nutrients bioavailability, while a raw dog food diet is high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

Our raw pasture raised chicken for dogs contain high-quality ingredients to help your dog look and feel their best. Our raw ground chicken contains no preservatives, fillers, artificial colors or flavors. Sourced from our farm to your table.