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Adopt-A-Hen - 1 Month

Adopt-A-Hen - 1 Month

2 Dozen

Hurricane Fiona devastated our farm, flooding the land and killing 4,100 hens that helped supply meat and eggs to the community. 

Help us repopulate our flock and recover from Hurricane Fiona while enjoying delicious eggs!

Your subscription will:

-Help us begin to repopulate our flock.

-Give a Hen a better life: We will acquire a hen from another farm, take it through a 2-month detox, and give it a better life on our pastures, so it produces eggs that meet our quality standards

-After the detox, you’ll get two dozen eggs every month.


-Hen Adoption

-An order of 2 dozen eggs

-Subscription will be renewed on a month to month basis

Terms and conditions:

You are paying for us to acquire and prepare a hen for production.  We may not be able to provide you eggs until production is up (we estimate 1-3 months).  While you are supporting the adoption of a hen, many hens are being adopted at the same time and your eggs will not all come from one hen.  Eggs that are not picked up by close of business on Saturday will be considered forfeit.